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I’ve been working for ATS for three years and I can honestly say it’s the best job I’ve ever had! They are a small family run company who cares deeply for their passengers and their drivers. Chris is very approachable with any concerns regarding work or even personal issues. He always has time to sit and listen. I have needed to adjust my schedule due to family needs and he has always been so accommodating. The team has a “we are a family” attitude, we always are looking out for each other. Monday’s are never hard knowing I get to see my favorite people in the morning. My passengers have become my friends and I always look forward to seeing their smiles! ATS is a wonderful company to work for. They supply you with everything you need to be successful in the company from uniforms to electronics, gas cards, and a company vehicle. I am always proud to say I work for Alternative Transportation Systems, and will always defend and stand up for our team! ❤️

- K.M.

I love all of my drivers. Very courteous and friendly. Each looks after all when we are particularly riding together- makes for a more safe and enjoyable ride. They take the time to make sure you are safe entering and exiting the vehicle. Good group of Drivers!

- S.M.

As much as I wish I did not need your service, I was very grateful for Alternative Transportation. Your services and people made a difficult time in my life so much easier and even pleasant.


Josh Rushing shows respect and great kindness, very professional.

- C.H.

Drivers are professional and respectful to all of us Vets. Thank you for the great service


Always polite, well mannered and well dressed.


Always met my needs. Most drivers are courteous and open to conversation. -G.J.


Outstanding company and personal. I highly recommend this company. Your drivers go beyond helping. -R.T.